Laura’s Top 5 Picks for Winter

Out with the old and in with the new! Spring cleaning might be a few months away, but now is the perfect time to add some functional and decorative pieces to your home to get through the colder seasons.

Laura has outlined her top picks on how to take your home from festive to fabulous:


Pick #1: Hall Trees

uttermost-hall-treeThe cold weather is here, which means that jackets, scarves, gloves and umbrellas will be coming out of storage and being put to use. Many of us fall victim to throwing our guests’ belongings on the nearest couch or in the closest bedroom. One important mantra to keeping a tidy home is ‘everything must have a place,” and a hall tree is the perfect place for guests to hang their coats and scarves when they first enter your home.

A hall tree will keep everything handy and organized at a moment’s notice!


Pick #2: Bar Cabinets

barcabinetIt’s time to bring the outside party in, and bar cabinets make entertaining indoors very easy. These cabinets are a lovely addition to any room, and not to mention trendy! They maintain the look of a fine piece of furniture when they are closed, and when the doors are open – it’s a completely functional bar!




Pick #3: Fireside Chairs and Recliners

chairWho doesn’t want to snuggle into a big, comfy chair with a great book and a blanket? The nights are becoming increasingly colder and our fireside chairs and recliners are the perfect solution to help warm your chilly bones.

Recliners have come a long way in design and can be virtually added to any décor without looking like a typical recliner.


Pick #4: Game Tables

gametablePut down your smartphone and stay connected with friends and family around a game table. If you’re indecisive about plans for the weekend, opt for a night in and entertain your guests with some good old-fashioned fun.

We offer a variety of game tables from poker to foosball and everything in between!



Pick #5: Fireplace Screens

fireplace-screenIs your fireplace looking tired? Dress it up with a fireplace screen! From traditional to contemporary, there’s a screen for every style room. Simply place the screen in front of your existing fireplace and you’ll be instantly impressed! See how the look and feel of the room changes with this simple fix.


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